Cheerleading is becoming big business, and there are lots of ways to get involved. If you want to open a cheerleading business yourself, these seven essential tips will lead you to success.

1. Choose your niche. What do you want to offer with your business? Will you be a cheerleading camp, or will you lead and train a professional squad? Would you like to be associated with a school or team? Do you want to sell cheerleading uniforms and accessories? Decide on the direction you would like to take before you get started.

2. Assess the competition. How many businesses in your area also fill your niche? There might be competing businesses, and if so, it might make more sense to set up your cheerleading business elsewhere or to follow a different niche. If there are lots of cheerleading camps in your area but no stores selling apparel, for example, switching to a supply niche would make a lot of sense. This will help ensure that your business will be profitable before you go ahead with any investments.

3. Find a space. Any business needs to have a space. This could be a warehouse to store your goods, a place to sell your supplies from, or a training space where your cheerleading squad or camp can be held. You can easily find space with community sharing sites like Spacer, which allows you to rent from normal people like yourself. This is a very easy way to get set up without needing to find an estate agent and go through a tedious process or contract.

4. Start marketing.
The next thing to do is to start marketing your business. Let people know that you will be setting up soon, and share with them any details such as your launch date or your new premises. You should always start promoting before you open to drum up some interest! When you get clients coming in through the door on opening day, you’ll see why.

5. Look for staff. Do you need any extra staff members? Perhaps a trainer or choreographer to work with you? You might need an assistant to help with moving stock, or someone to answer the phones. Assess your staff needs now, and start looking. If you can handle things on your own until the business takes off, you will save money, so consider this option too if it’s applicable.

6. Get insurance. This is really important, because cheerleading can be a dangerous sport! Cheerleaders can easily become injured, so make sure that you are taking all of the right precautions. As well as using safe equipment, this also means taking out insurance. You will also need insurance if you are setting up an apparel or supply business, just in case someone using the products purchased from you becomes injured.

7. Get involved. You won’t be very successful if no one in the cheerleading community knows about your business. Make sure that you get involved as much as possible! Attend professional cheerleading meets and events, talk to other professionals in the industry, and network as much as you can. This also applies to the online sphere, where you can join social groups and chats to talk about your business. This will also help you to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry so you know what’s hot and what’s not.

Cheerleading may not seem like an obvious business choice to outsiders, but you know it can work. Follow these seven steps, and then deliver great results through consistent hard work to make it!

What has helped your cheer business thrive? Let us know what worked for you in the comments!

About the Author:

Emma Lewis is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a part of the team supporting Spacer–a company helping you find storage space whenever you need it. Emma is also a staunch supporter of the sharing economy and often mentions its benefits.