At the McDowell Senior Center in North Carolina, senior cheerleaders doesn't refer to 17-year-olds in their final year of high school. Rather, it refers to senior citizens with a love of cheerleading. Every Monday, McDowell's Senior Games cheerleading squad practices cheerleading moves as a way to make friends and exercise. Though the squad was only formed less than one month ago, members already look forward to each and every practice.

As reported by McDowell News, cheer team captain Elizabeth Plemmons, who cheered in her younger years, said, "It's been really fun for me so far. I don't remember a thing from when I cheered when I was younger, but I do enjoy the exercise and camaraderie I'm getting from this."

Already, the team has learned a dance routine and several cheers. In May, the team will have its first performance! The team is hoping to recruit more team members and have high hopes of attending future competitions.

We love seeing cheerleaders of all ages and we hope the team can recruit more members!

You can read more about the story here at McDowell News.