This article is written by guest contributor Robert Morris, an online tutor, educator, and writer from NYC. Follow Rob on Google+!

Cheerleaders are supposed to know their way around words. After all, you are able to take a single word and make a cool cheer around it. Your intuitive creativity is surely helpful when it comes to essay writing, but academic papers are still more challenging than the cheers you can easily think of.   

Stay positive; there is a solution for everything! The following guide will help you handle the process of essay writing like a champ!

1.         Plan the structure of the paper.

Cheerleaders, who are used to improvising, need to tame the flow of ideas a bit. It may seem like the planning process is limiting your creativity, but that is not the case. A proper plan will enable you to write an essay that grabs and holds the reader’s attention.

Start with brainstorming for ideas. You can be as creative as you wish at this step. However, you should commit only to those ideas that are related to the thesis you are about to elaborate. Construct the thesis statement and create an outline that enables you to include all relevant information in a focused structure.

2.         Use the right tools and apps.

Daily Writing Tips will help you work continuously on your writing skills. This website is an immense source of guidelines that will turn you into a great academic writer in time. Thesaurus is another essential tool that will help you improve your style. Guess what? You can also use it for your cheerleading projects.

Text 2 Mind Map will make the brainstorming and planning stages of the process much more organized. And, if you get really stuck with a particular essay, you can rely on the ultimate custom writing service, NinjaEssays, which enables you to get professional assistance by real writers and editors.    

3.        Show how well you understand the topic.

Professors assign essays with a single purpose: to enable students to demonstrate their knowledge. This means that you cannot write a random answer to the essay question; you need to provide a believable discussion supported with strong arguments and well-researched facts.

Avoid all digressions and make sure to focus on the actual instructions of your teacher. If you manage to include quotes from relevant experts, you’ll definitely earn some bonus points. Don’t forget to reference the used materials; the charges for plagiarism in academic writing are very serious.

4.        Write the essay in a proper academic style.

No, this doesn’t mean that you cannot be creative at all. If you try to adhere to the strict academic writing standards, you might fall into the trap of writing a dull, boring paper that doesn’t convey any fresh ideas. Although the essay is supposed to be impersonal and fairly formal, most topics still enable you to take a creative approach.

You will probably need to adapt your writing style to the topic and type of essay you are writing. Make sure you understand the requirements for persuasive, expository, descriptive, and narrative writing before you start working on the particular assignments.  

5.        Stay away from plagiarism!

As a cheerleader, you know how important uniqueness is. All schools take plagiarism very seriously, so make sure to avoid this academic sin. There are several plagiarism search engines (such as Plagtracker for example), which will help you make sure that your content is in no danger of being marked as plagiarism.

6.       Keep it simple.

Regardless of the complexity of the assignment, you can never go wrong if you keep the discussion simple, but focused and informative. Imagine that the reader doesn’t have any foundation of knowledge on the topic you are covering. Write enough background information that will enable everyone to understand where your arguments are coming from. With this strategy, you can rest assured that you’ll write a successful paper.