Do you have a cheerleader on your shopping list this holiday season? Stumped for what might make a nice little treat? Here are a few ideas that every cheerleader would love in their stocking!

1. Bobby pins. No accessory is more essential to perfecting the competition look than bobby pins, but these tricky little guys are always going missing lost forever to the jungle of curls and hair spray. Guaranteed, any cheerleader’s response to finding bobby pins in their stocking: “These are exactly what I needed!”

2. Hair elastics. Similar to bobby pins above, cheerleaders are always looking for elastics. Especially for athletes who participate in school-affiliated squads, the high, tight ponytail worn to after-school practice isn’t necessarily the look a cheerleader rocks during class. Elastics are small, yet key accessories for any cheer bag and there are lots of fun color options to pick from. Fancy elastics and hair bows make good presents, as well!

3. Hand warmers. Cheerleaders spend a lot of time on the sidelines for outdoor sports. Even in the spring and fall, hands get cold! Hockey cheerleaders perform at ice rinks, and cheerleaders on travel teams travel by bus, which is not necessarily the warmest or most comfortable ride. Pocket hand warmers make for a very thoughtful gift during the winter cheer season.

4. Moisturizing hand cream. We all love our glittery lotions and anti-bacterial hand gels, but in the winter, these yummy-smelling hand products aren’t the best options for protecting hands from the cold or healing irritated skin. Consider moisturizing hand creams or aloes to keep your cheerleader’s hands soft and healthy. Pocket sizes for traveling fit neatly into cheer bags, and standard sizes are good for at home after practice or an especially chilly game.

5. Lip balm. Cheerleaders’ most powerful tools are their voices, so if their lips are dry and cracking, cheering is going to be very uncomfortable. Again, as cute as glitz and glitter are, they aren’t the best ingredients for healing chapped lips. Look for lip balms made with honey, natural oils (such as coconut, almond and sunflower), or simply petroleum-based jelly. Beeswax feels nice when you apply, but can sometimes dry out lips, too–so be careful! Soothing lip balms keep squads ready to get the crowd on its feet without any pain.

6. Makeup remover. As much as cheerleaders love a glittery eye look, well, removing that makeup isn’t always the easiest task. Makeup removal wipes are an indispensable tool, especially for competition cheerleaders who, like theater performers and dancers, wear heavy makeup for performances so that their expressions are visible from far away. For those who have sensitive skin, seek wipes that specify gentle, soothing makeup removal. There are also brands that specialize in removal wipes for oily skin, dry skin or makeup removers that double as cleansing products.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers and cheer bag essentials? Leave a comment and let us know!