Summer break is almost here! But the last few weeks can be the hardest part of the whole year as you sit restlessly in class wishing you could be running around outside. If you know this feeling of wanting to break free from the classroom more and more as the end of the year approaches, don’t worry! These five tips will help you conquer "summeritis": 

1.     Set small goals. Looking at the big picture can get overwhelming. Keep yourself focused and on track by setting small goals to reach before the school year is over. Take it one assignment at a time rather than looking at everything on your to-do list. When it comes to studying, give yourself one section of your notes to get down rather than the whole thing. Once you’ve mastered that section, take on the next. Or, set a time goal. Tell yourself you will study for one hour each night this week, for example.

2.     Reward yourself. Once you reach these smaller goals, celebrate! Setting a reward you'll receive after you reach your goalswhether it’s a snack, a nap, or a short break to do something funwill motivate you to reach your goals and keep setting and working toward more.

3.     Make it fun. We’ve talked about this before when it comes to school, but getting creative with your homework and studying helps so much! Get together with friends for a homework party. Maybe this isn’t your ideal party, but it beats doing it alone in your room (unless you can’t focus otherwise). This way you won’t feel like you’re missing out on social time while you do homework. Homework with friends, music, and snacks doesn’t sound that bad. You can make studying fun with or without inviting your friends by making a game out of it. Recruit your parents or siblings to play a quiz game, for example. The bottom line is that if you make school more fun, it won’t feel like work, and you will have conquered summeritis!

4.     Focus on the positive. If we’re being honest, sometimes summer isn’t as awesome in reality as we make it out to be in our minds. Sure, we get to sleep in more often and not having to sit in school most of the day is a major plus, but we miss seeing our friends every day and it is nice to have something to do sometimes! Maybe the perfect balance would be to have school just a couple days a week or for less hours a day, but the bottom line is that there are some things about school that you really like. Focus on those things. Live in the moment and try to think less about summer break. When summer break is finally here, then you can live in that moment and enjoy it!

5.     Just get it done. There’s a saying that the surest path to success is brute effort, and that is definitely true here. Just do your best. Push through and finish strong so you can enjoy your summer break knowing you gave your all. You can do anything for a couple weeks! Just keep going, and summer will be here before you know it.

Are you suffering from summeritis? What helps you finish the school year strong?