1.) Don't be afraid to make adjustments. If you feel like you overshot your goals and that trying to reach them are going to add stress to your life, just revise your goals. Bring your resolution to a more attainable level. It will feel good to meet that goal, even if it has been adjusted, rather than giving up completely because you overshot.

2.) Eliminate to represent your limits. Everyone does it - setting too many resolutions. You feel great at the end of the year, like anything is possible and you can tackle the greatest of challenges. Then, halfway into January, you feel overwhelmed trying to balance all your resolutions. That is when it is time to make some cuts. If there is a resolution that doesn't seem important anymore or that seems unrealistic, just remove it from your goals. It is better to focus on fewer goals and absolutely rock them instead of having so many goals that you can only do each halfway.

3.) One small step for cheer kind is a great start. Not allowing yourself time to adjust to a new lifestyle, like an intense conditioning and training program, will unfortunately lead to failure. The way to build a habit that you are going to stick to starts with small steps. Commit to 3 days a week for a new routine, then after some time, bump it up to 4 or 5 days. That way you'll be ready for a bigger challenge, instead of just feeling burnt out.

4.) Start talking about your resolutions. Go public with your resolutions by letting friends and family know what you plan to achieve this year. That way, you will be accountable for your goals. You will know that people are going to be asking you about your progress, and your competitive cheerleading side will go into autopilot. Hey, you may even find someone with similar goals that can be your resolution buddy! You can keep each other on track!

5.) A setback does not equal a failure. People, by their nature, make mistakes, and that's OK. If you miss a target workout or splurge on a sweet treat, don't beat yourself up! Instead, get back on track and push yourself a little bit harder at your next workout. Stop obsessing over a set-back, and just let it be a natural part of the process. As the year goes on, it is likely that you will have fewer set-backs. When they do happen, show how resilient you can be by making sure it is just a small set-back, and not a complete backslide.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius