5 Signs that You’re a Cheer Mom

by omni

You love your little cheerleader, and can’t even start to describe how it’s felt watching them progress in their sport! They’ve become a true cheerleader, in spirit, grit and fashion, and it seems that they’re on a one-way ticket straight to the top! As a cheer mom, you’ve put up with the good, the bad, and the glittery, with your fair share of stressful days as the seasons pass by. But, that’s all part of the journey! You may not realize it right away, but over time, you’ve acquired some personality traits that you didn’t use to have. Not that they’re bad‚ they’re just super specific to the cheer world! You’re a cheer mom, through and through, if you notice these quirks trickling into your day-to-day life. 1. All cheer purchases require mandatory approval. All these cheerleading bags and accessories are all so cute! But, you know for a FACT the kind of reaction you’re going to get if you don’t get clearance from your child first before you buy. Buyer’s remorse doesn’t even start to describe what you’ll be subject to if your cheerleader doesn’t like what you chose, so load up that shopping cart and wait‚ your kid will probably hate all of it except for one or two things they HAVE to HAVE. (And, you better believe that you’ll take those one or two okayed items as giant victories.) 2. Nothing gets under your skin more than private. Warmup. Sessions. You traveled so far to watch your cheerleader compete, and when you get there, you are NOT. ALLOWED. TO WATCH. THE WARMUP? What kind of crazy is this?? Who’s in charge here? Riddle me how are you going to be able to give your cheerleader last minute tips if you can’t watch what’s not working??? How rude. 3. Family T-shirts. Your cheerleader shouldn’t be the only one allowed to rock a uniform at cheer events‚ so you’ve found the loophole. You’ve made blinged-out t-shirts for the whole family: from dad all the way down to the toddler, with your cheerleader’s name displayed promptly across the chest. The world needs to know the amount of support your cheerleader has at this competition/camp/clinic/home game/car wash, and you aren’t going to hesitate to prove it! 4. Your sign skills are unmatched by other sport moms. The lights on the sidelines or the mat seem blinding, so‚ just in case your cheerleader can’t see you‚ you’ve made giant signs to show off just how proud of them you are from your seat. By now, you’re used to other sport moms giving you the evil eye because your sign skills are next level‚ and you even catch other cheer moms hating, too! It’s not your fault that they lack the exquisite arts-and-crafts skills you’ve acquired over the years just to show off your undying devotion to your child. Totally not your fault. 5. It’s not a state of mind; it’s a status. Just like the infinite amount of Nfinity bags your child has hanging in their closet, you know that being a cheerleading mom has a certain status that comes along with the label. You’re part of the sports mom “elite’, and you’ve worked hard to hold down and defend your title. To all the cheer moms of the world, keep on setting the standard! What else gives it away that you’re a cheer mom? Tell us in the comments!

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