Summer break is over, which means you are back in school. If you are one of those people who aren’t too excited to be back in school, we think you really have missed it. It sounds crazy, we know, but here are five reasons you actually missed school:  

  1. Snap chatting your friends 24/7 isn’t the same as seeing them every morning. Yes, you will have to wake up too early, and yes, you’ll have to endure some boring classes, but you’ll be miserable together! 
  2. You need a reason to get dressed in the morning. And to take a shower before noon. Lounging in your pajamas all day is awesome—for about three days.

  3. New kids. There are so many possibilities! From the cute new guy to the athletic girl who would be perfect for your cheer squad, you never know what a new school year has in store for you with the new students it brings! Your new lab partner could end up being in one of those celebrity yearbook photo articles that comes across the feed of whatever social media platform we’re using in 20 years!

  4. You really like learning. It’s OK to admit it. Sitting indoors eight hours a day is not fun, but other aspects of school are pretty great. Smart is the new pink.

  5. Back to school means back to your regularly scheduled cheerleading practices. For those of us who eat, sleep, and breath cheer, this is everything. 

See, you really have missed school! What other things did you miss about school during the summer?

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