Once you're involved in cheerleading, you're most likely in it for life. However, there are some things that cheerleading entails that can cause you some problems along the way–problems only cheerleaders would know! See if any of these unfortunate cheer predicaments ring a bell:

1. O.B.D.

O.B.D. (also known as, Obsessive Bow Disorder), when the amount of bows you own is SHOCKING to everyone else, but to you, you need more! You have a bow for every occasion, for every team you have ever been on, and some just for fun. You wear bows on and off the field, and yes, you may have a bit of a problem… but who cares! Bows are so cute and fun to wear. Plus, they look amazing lined up on your bedroom wall and they remind you of how far you have come since starting cheerleading.

2. Hair drama.

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It is all about getting that perfect poof! No matter how hard you try and how many YouTube videos you watch, you cannot get the dang poof to be just perfect. You tease, you spray, you bobby pin the heck out of it, and still one side looks off, another side somehow deflated, and you cannot get your bow to look right. You finally get it halfway decent and after your routine, it just looks like a big blobby mess of hair. When you get home, you start pulling out an impressive amount of bobby pins from your hair that would rival Mary Poppins’ never-ending purse! Then, finally, when you think you are done, it takes three rounds of heavy-duty conditioner to get all the teasing and hairspray out. In the end, you are still happy because for two minutes of your life, you had perfect cheer hair!

3. The Practice Blues.

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Cheerleading requires a lot of practice, and sometimes, those practices–let’s face it–suck. Conditioning day is the absolute worst–you did not sign up for cheerleading to run! Honestly, who really wants to run? You joined cheer to cheer, and do crazy flips in the air. Conditioning may suck, but nothing is worse than getting your stunt team switched. You bonded with your stunt team and you trust them. Now, you have an entirely new group that you have to get to know and build that trust with… all while you soar through the air, hoping they don’t drop you. Lastly, all cheerleaders like to practice at home or show off their skills; this can turn into an epic fail rather quickly. You may fall or break the chair you are using, or accidentally kick your little sibling or dog in the face. But, hey, it happens, and they shouldn’t have been there anyway, right?

4. Field and competition mishaps.

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Nothing is worse than a mishap during a competition, because you might feel like you let the whole team down. Sometimes, you don’t land the stunt or you do the wrong step, and you just pray the judges didn’t see it and move on. Sometimes, it is just not your day and things don’t work out. That is okay: you just try your best, and hopefully, next time you will nail it! When cheering on the sidelines at a basketball or a football game, chances are, you have been hit by a ball or have been run over by a player at some point. It is just part of a day in the life of a cheerleader! You are in the zone, cheering you heart out, and all of a sudden, a wide receiver takes you down (and with all hope, he is a cute one).

5. Stereotypes.

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The worst part of being a cheerleader is dealing with the stereotypes. Stereotypes exist, ranging from ‘all cheerleaders are popular’, or ‘uneducated’, or ‘ditsy’, and that ‘boys don’t cheer’. Just being cheerleaders does not guarantee popularity: cheerleaders can be popular because they are involved in activities in school, and are outgoing and spirited. Cheerleaders are not stupid; school require cheerleaders to maintain at least a ���B’ average to be part of the team. Some professional cheerleaders are working towards degrees, or have degrees from colleges including Harvard, Florida State, and Boston College. Cheerleading is a great way to gain scholarships for college. Cheerleading is a female-dominated sport, yet times have changed and having men involved in cheer is gaining popularity. Having men on your team–especially for stunting–helps your team reach an entire new level! They are able to increase the height and difficulty of a stunt.

What are more problems that only cheerleaders would understand? Share your story in the comments!