The moment you become a parent is thrilling, but also terrifying. You hold that little screaming bundle of joy for the first time and your heart grows in size. The love you have instantly for this child is unimaginable and equally hard to explain. Cersei Lannister has her faults, but there is one thing we can all agree on, she loves her kids. So, here are five terrifying moments for cheer parents, courtesy of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

1. That one annoying parent.

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You are not going to like everyone. Sometimes, there are those people who get on your very last nerve. As a cheer parent, you know traveling and bonding with the other parents goes with the territory. You have to put your game face on just like your cheerleader. You can do your best to ignore and sit far away from that one person, but sometimes, you have the unfortunate luck of having to endure an entire competition sitting next to them and hearing their incessant commentary on how every team preformed. Worse things have happened, but it feels like a nightmare you cannot wake up from while it’s happening.

2. They lose.

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Let’s be real–losing sucks! Especially when you know how hard your cheerleaders have worked to get where they are, but sometimes, the other teams are just better. It is a harsh reality of the world–you cannot win all the time. However, it is hard to be rational when you child is clearly upset about the loss. The good news is, there is always next year. Yes, it is bummer the team lost, but that is unfortunately part of life and is a powerful lesson for your cheerleader to learn about how to deal with losing.

3. The long drive.

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This is horrible and frightening: driving for hours to competitions with a car full of teenage cheerleaders.  Enough said! Any parent who has driven long distances with a gaggle of teenage girls understands how loud, annoying, and painful it can be. What are they even talking about? NOTHING! They are literally talking about nothing for HOURS! Once you have safely arrived at your location and all the kids are safe and sound, the only thing that can save you from this nightmare is a glass of wine and silence.

4.  You cannot always be there.

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Your cheerleaders need to fly or travel for competitions, and for one reason or another, you cannot go. The world is scary out there and you want to make sure your child is safe. As a parent, there is a part of you that is always thinking about your child and now, you will be more stressed than normal until your child is back safe and sound. These are the days you are never more attached to your cell phone, and as soon as that phone rings, you have a miniature heart attack until you hear “hey mom” on the other end. Don’t stress out too much: your cheerleader will be back before you know it.

5. Ouch. 

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It is unfortunate, but accidents do happen. Sometimes, cheerleaders get hurt; sometimes people fall or land wrong and a knee gets tweaked or an arm gets broken. With any sport, there is the risk of getting injured. Nothing is more terrifying as a parent than seeing your child hurt and in pain. It is a hard reality, but sometimes your child is going to get hurt and maybe break a bone. Cheerleading is a dangerous sport; the good news is cheerleaders work hard to protect each other and practice hard to avoid injury.

These moments may be utterly terrifying, but you made it through. Here is one final Game of Thrones GIF of Khal Drogo and Khaleesi to make you feel better:

What are other terrifying cheer parent moments? Tell us your experiences in the comments!