It is finally that time of the year. What makes Halloween such a unique holiday is that everyone celebrates it differently. To many people, Halloween means everything spook-tacular, like ghosts, zombies, horror movies and haunted houses. To others, Halloween is all about spending time with friends and families, trick-or-treating or not. Whatever it means to you, there’s no denying that dressing up is the most important part of the holiday–whether you’re a kid or just a kid at heart. It is that one chance of the year you can dress up as anyone you want to be, like your childhood hero, a princess or a character from your favorite show. However, costumes can sometimes be costly and stressful. Don’t put a dent in your wallet on an outfit that you can only wear once! Instead, get creative and express yourself. Here are some costume ideas using affordable and versatile cheerleading items.

1. Zombie Cheerleader (or just a cheerleader!)

Who doesn’t want to be a cheerleader? They’re fierce. They’re confident. They wear the cutest outfits in school. Cheerleaders are featured on multiple popular TV shows and movies such as Glee, Teen Wolf and Step It Up. Cheerleaders are also the theme of many hit songs. You can find online package deals that consist of a hair bow, uniform and socks in many colors and styles for only around $20… WHAT A STEAL! Don’t try to squeeze into a one-size-fits-most costume; find a size that fits you!

Creative twist: Already a cheerleader? Change up your makeup, and be zombie cheerleader this year. Just make sure to buy a new uniform so you don’t dirty up your performance one.

2. Disney Princess

Can you believe it’s already October? Boy, did time fly by this year when you realize Halloween is just around the corner. Don’t have time to plan an entire outfit, but still want enjoy in the spirit of the holiday? Whether your favorite princess is a dreamer who rules the sea, an intelligent beauty with a big heart, the fairest in all the land or a lighthearted spirit with long, golden locks–there’s a bow for that. Complete your princess costume with jumbo performance cheer bows in place of a tiara.

Creative twist: Create magic by adding some fairy glitter dust to your makeup look.

3. Bae Watch

Summer might be over but when life is a beach, you can bring the heat to any costume party this Halloween. Using a basic red cheer brief, a red racerback sports bra, and a red duffle bag, you have yourself an entire Baywatch costume. What’s amazing about this costume is that all the pieces are extremely inexpensive–and reusable!

Creative twist: Reenact a scene from the iconic movie by running in slow motion.

4. Flora the Explorer

A pink practice tee, orange practice shorts, some yellow socks and a purple backpack… what do these things have common? I’ll give you five seconds… Come on! I know you know this… YOU GOT IT! Your favorite explorer! Don’t waste time hunting for these colorful items by making multiple trips to different stores; cheer retailers offer these affordable items all in one place.

Creative twist: Gather all your friends together and represent the ‘Explorer Gang’!

5. Super Cheerleader

Show your ‘Girl Power’ by dressing up as one of most powerful female warriors in history. Even if you’re lucky enough to get your costume before everyone else, there’s still a high chance you’re dropping big bucks. Affordable cheer gear is here to save the day! Get the look with three easy pieces, consisting of a red cropped bodyliner, a blue cheer brief and glittery star socks to add a finishing touch to your Girl Power look. 

Creative twist: Join forces and have each of your friends dress up as their favorite superhero/villain.

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