With New Year’s Eve up next on the holiday circuit, it’s time to reflect on everything you’ve accomplished over the past year. You’ve probably advanced your cheer skills in several ways, marked some items off of your running bucket list, and grown as a person along the way. Sure, you’ve probably had moments of doubt, rough times that made you question the bigger picture. And, being a cheerleader in itself isn’t easy: it’s time-consuming, physically demanding, and not at all cheap! Despite all of that though, your love for cheerleading outweighs the bad, and you continue to push yourself to perform better and better. With so much to look back on, here is a list of four things to help wrap up your cheer year.

1. Finish strong.
This goes both figuratively and literally, for the holiday break from school and work is the perfect time to pump up your fitness while you can. The number one resolution made every January is to lose weight or hit the gym, so get a head start on your health by starting before New Year’s Eve. Plus, how good will it feel to welcome in the New Year already ahead of the game? Competitive cheerleaders know that competition season is far from over, so end the calendar year strong by maintaining your fitness and upping your cheer goals before mid-cheer season.

2. Look ahead.
Now that you’re on the fast track to success by ending the year on top, it’s time to look ahead to what cheer goals you want to accomplish over the next year. Do you want to go up a competition level? Do you want to finally nail down a tuck or tumbling pass? Do you want to take on two cheer teams for the first time? What about balancing your cheer life better with your schoolwork? There are always things you can improve on, and being critical now is good to get little goals in motion over time. Cheers to being proactive!

3. Give thanks.
You probably couldn’t have pulled off this past year without help, and giving back to your support group is a key thing to do–not just now, but all year long! Cheerleading is a group sport, and it teaches participants to trust in each other, to rely on one another. Being grateful isn’t just for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and being humble is a trait of a true cheerleader. Recognize your support group as you transcend into another full year of going full out.

4. Celebrate.
What’s New Year’s Eve without a little celebration? Try to carve out some quality team-bonding time before the year ends, because hey–you deserve it! Cheerleaders are nothing without their teammates, so while you’re reflecting on self-progress, might as well also look back on the successes that you’ve achieved as a team and what you can do to get even better next year. Throw some glitter, do arts and crafts, eat some yummy food, and enjoy each other’s company one last time before January 1st.

What else can cheerleaders do to wrap up their cheer year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!