The end of the year may be cold or even snowy outside, but it inspires warmth inside. You’ve heard of holiday cheer, and this season, your squad can turn it into holiday cheerleading. You can contribute to your local community in so many ways, but some can be more fitting for the winter season, and many activities you can do with your entire team! Here are some festive ways for the team to give back this season:

Bake Sale
Squads may participate in bake sales to raise money for uniforms or other team goodies, but for the holidays, consider organizing a sale to promote charity. You can choose a local institution (like your public library or a senior living community) or a cause that you feel most impassioned about, and donate your profits to them right in time for the holidays.

Donation Drives
Consider setting up a drive to collect non-perishable food, clothes, books, or toys for the less fortunate or for people who have been subjected to weather 
catastrophes, such as floods or fires. You can coordinate with an organization like Operation Gratitude or Toys for Tots, or you can work independently within your community.

Get the squad together wearing team gear or homemade matching tees and sign up to volunteer together. There are lots of ways to give back to the community! You can sign up as a group for a walk or road race that raises money for a cause. You can also consider tutoring other students at your school or volunteering with after-school programs, libraries, or day cares. Take a Saturday to work in a food pantry or sort donations in your community. The possibilities are endless.

The best way to spread holiday cheer is... well, to cheer! Choreograph a short cheer and dance routine like you might do for a halftime routine and offer to perform in your community, like at a nursing home or local festivities. Customize your performance with holiday music and cheers. Performing can also tie into volunteering if your squad works with younger cheerleaders; set up a time when you can perform your competition routine for them and offer them tips and tricks to improve their skills as well.