Current cheerleaders, past cheerleaders, coaches and other athletes will likely all have some advice to give you about your cheerleading career. It's important to know which advice to filter out. Be sure to consider who is giving the advice! Here are four tips that you should always ignore.

You have to scream loudly to be heard.
Cheerleaders, like stage actors and actresses, should actually learn how to project their voices. Screaming could cause a sore throat and hoarse voice. It's also important to keep in mind that when an entire squad is doing a chant, you will be loud as a group, no individual needs to be the loudest.

Wear lots of exaggerated makeup.
Cheerleaders do often wear exaggerated performance makeup during big events so that the entire audience can see them. That doesn't mean that they wear a lotoften a team has some guidelines on what they should wear. Also, not every performance will call for full makeup, such as sideline cheerleading. A natural look should always be worn at cheer practice.

Push yourself no matter what.
There are times that you can, and should, say "no." If you don't feel like your team or gym equipment is safe, or if you don't have a spotter, don't get pressured into doing a tumbling move or stunt.

Live by the "No pain, no gain" motto.
There is a difference between being sore and being in pain. Sore means you have been working hard and your body is changing and growing stronger. Pain is a warning that something is wrong. Ignoring pain means risking serious injury that could bench you for the season, or worse, cause serious, permanent damage.

What's the worst cheer advice you have heard or received?