As someone who has personally never cheered, I never put much thought into making game day signs. In preparation for this article, I created a competition between Omni Sales team members to see which team could make the best game day sign. Our Sales Team is a very dedicated and competitive bunch, and they brought it with these game day signs!  If you have not seen CheerLiving® Episode 40: Cheer Moms Problems, go watch it now, I’ll wait. Not only is it hilarious, but there is a special appearance of one the game day signs we made.

Here are some things I learned while making a game day sign:

1. It required more time than I thought.

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I gave the teams two weeks to make these signs; I was not expecting that it would actually take two weeks to make these signs. I was thinking my team can kick this out in a day or two–no problem-o. Well, Houston, we have a problem… I was very wrong. First off, it was hard to coordinate a time to get together. Then, we had to locate supplies, divide up the workload, and then actually make the sign. There is so much more prep work than I thought before we could even start making the sign! Plus, you always forget to add in this pesky thing called ‘time’. You already have a crazy schedule; simply adding another task to your already busy day can be overwhelming.

2. Split tasks according to strengths and weaknesses.

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I am an idea lady, and am really good at coming up with new ideas–innovation is my JAM! Taking an idea and creatively putting it on paper? Not so much. At our first team meeting, we brought ideas to the table, and divided up the tasks by skill set. Luckily, we have some creative people on the team. One teammate is an amazing drawer who, I am not kidding you, drew a freaking dragon by hand… I mean, come on?!? Who can do that? Another girl on our team is well known around the office for being a creative genius. So, of course, she was in charge of decorating. She found supplies and gave us less creative types direction on where and what to glue. Finding out who was good at what really helped out our team get this sign done, and done on time. Working as a team can be difficult because sometimes everyone wants to be in charge. By separating everyone by our strengths and weaknesses, it allowed everyone to have ownership of a particular section–no one felt left out, and no one’s feelings got hurt. I think the teamwork showed in our end design.

3. Check your grammar and spelling.

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We have all seen the memes and tattoo fails all over the Internet. There is nothing worse than spelling something wrong, or using incorrect grammar. Cheerleaders already have a stereotype against them for being ditzy, and there is nothing worse than perpetuating that stereotype by incorrectly spelling something because you are rushing to complete a sign. Don’t just double, TRIPLE-CHECK that your spelling and grammar are correct before posting your sign around campus or hanging it at the big game. Also, make sure your signs are in the correct order. You intend to say ‘WIN’, but instead, your letters are in the wrong order and you accidentally spell ‘NIW’.  Mistakes happen, but if you take the extra time to double-check your work, you will be KO… I mean, OK!

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4. When all else fails, cover it in glitter.

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Glitter is the miracle worker when it comes to crafts. No matter if you missed a spot, ran out of time, or you misspelled something, just put some glitter on or over that section, and no one will be the wiser. Glitter can only make a sign better, anyway! Used too much glue, and now one part of your sign looks wet or messed up? Glitter! You are running out of time, and half of your sign is incomplete? Glitter! You did not let the marker dry before you touched it and now you’re stuck with smeared ink? GLITTER.

Below is an image of our game day sign, among all the other contest entries. I think we personally rocked it! Game day signs are a lot of fun to make, and I know our teams really enjoyed getting creative with it. Just remember: give yourself enough time, be a team player, check your spelling and grammar, and, of course, last by not least, remember glitter is the Wite-Out® of crafts. Happy crafting!

Which of our signs are your favorite? Tell us in the comments (and show us images of your game day signs)!