It’s almost time for cheer camp! This is the highlight of many cheerleaders’ summers—and for good reason! It’s time spent with your cheer friends and dedicated to becoming better cheerleaders. It doesn’t get much better than that! If it’s your first time going to cheer camp though, you might be feeling nerves along with excitement. That comes with any new experience, but once you know what to expect, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. Here are four things to expect at cheer camp that you might not have thought of yet: 

  1. Lots of new information. You will learn lots of new skills, exercises, training methods, and choreography, plus tips and tricks for improving old skills. Having so much information coming at you can feel overwhelming at times. That’s normal and OK! Don’t hesitate to speak up if you need something repeated or explained in a different way. It’s also a good idea to carry a notebook and pen around with you to take notes. Just writing the information down may help you retain it, but then you also have the notes to go back over that evening and into the season when you need a reminder. If there isn’t an opportunity to take notes at the time, jot them down after each session or when you get back to your room.

  2. Roommates. If you have your own room and bathroom at home, sharing a living space with other girls might be a major change for you. But don’t worry—it will be good for you, and it’s only for a few days. Plus, if you’re going to camp with your squad, you won’t be living with strangers. This is a great opportunity to bond and get to know your teammates better. In fact, you’ll probably have so much fun you will stay up late talking and laughing.

  3. Fatigue. You are going to get tired. You’ll have a packed schedule that will keep you going non-stop from morning to night. Most of those scheduled events will be cheer training—from choreography to stunting and conditioning. Plus, as we’ve already discussed, you might be a little sleep-deprived from staying up late with your friends. The best way to hold up under all this is to take care of yourself! That means getting proper nutrients to fuel your body for your long days of cheer and enough sleep to give your body time to recover. There will probably be lots of candy and easy snack food going around the rooms, but do your best to fill up on quality foods first so your body isn’t trying to function primarily on gummy bears. As far as getting enough rest, bonding is important, but it can be done within reasonable hours, too. But, chances are, after the first day or two you will be asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

  4. Fun, non-cheer activities. Yes, there is such a thing! Many cheer camps have swimming pools and game rooms for free time and even plan things like bonfires for the evening. Cheer camp involves a lot of cheer, but you can expect to do some non-cheer things, too. This will be a good chance to give your brain and muscles a break from learning and practicing new skills. Plus, it will be a great opportunity to bond with your teammates and make lots of memories!

What are you looking forward to most about cheer camp?