4 Things for Cheerleaders to Know About Pep Rallies

by omni

Pep rallies exist to get the whole school rallied up for a big game, and it’s the cheerleaders’ job to make that happen. That may seem like a lot of pressure, but with a little bit of brainstorming and preparation, you will meet and succeed expectations. Here’s what you need to know to fulfill a cheerleader’s role at pep rallies: Decorate. Make signs for the gym or area the pep rally is being held. They can be simple, like “Go Eagles” or “Go, Fight, Win.” Just make sure they are big, bold, and in your school colors. You can also hang streamers and balloons in the pep rally area and even decorate the players’ lockers beforehand to get them pumped for the game. Rally the crowd. You will be doing this at the big game, of course, but start early to maximize the crowd’s energy on game night! Get fans yelling at the pep rally by leading them in catchy, easy-to-follow cheers. Spirit essentials like pom poms and megaphones will help! Plan fun games and activities. This can include anything from a competition of which section of the bleachers can yell the loudest to teacher/coach/player dunk tanks. Just make sure you get activities approved beforehand. Consider using dunk tanks, pie tosses, and similar games as fundraisers for the team, school, or a charity. Spread the word. Hang signs around the school to promote both the pep rally and the big game. If you don’t have time to make many signs or space to hang them, print off some fliers and post them around the school. Promote the pep rally on social media and ask teachers to announce the event, as well as any activities you have planned, so students can be prepared. For instance, if you are going to sell spirit gear, hold a can drive, or let students buy a ticket to dunk their teachers in a dunk tank, you will need to let the students know so they can come with cash or items to donate. What are your favorite pep rally activities?

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