Being a cheerleader requires passion, focus, strength, and overall dedication to everything cheer-related. You live, breathe, and sweat cheerleading around the clock, but with the lifestyle comes great knowledge too! Have you ever looked into the history of your sport? How about learning ways to improve it? There are four certain areas of cheerleading that every cheerleader needs to know about in order to stay safe, be smart, and achieve their goals in the industry:

Practice makes perfect, and every day you report to practice with a smile and a goal. But have you ever considered the meaning behind why you do it? Your coach means well when she orders endless conditioning drills, day after day, so try to keep that in mind the next time she does. Here are five realities of practice that you might not know.

You don’t have to be a flyer to get hurt because anyone involved in cheer gets in harm’s way at some point by just showing up. Injuries happen often, especially since cheerleading is a high-impact sport that involves a lot of people coordinating dangerous routines together. If and when you get hurt, there are specific things that cheerleaders need to know about injuries on top of how to avoid them!

High school is a great time in your life: showing up at school, hanging out with all of your friends, cheering together at football and basketball games. You probably never want it to end. When graduation sneaks up on you, any cheerleader might fear the next step in their cheer career–well don’t! Take a look at your options for cheering after high school.

You know how to tumble. You know how to hit your marks, get the crowd going, and how to even place first in competitions, but do you know how cheerleading came to be? Do you who invented the Spirit Stick or what the first cheer fraternity was? Every cheerleader should know the fun facts involved in the history of their sport.

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