Being a cheerleader is all about showcasing your stylish uniform each season. With your team name and letters proudly displayed across your shell top, you represent a walking billboard for your school or your sport. Getting handed your uniform is an act of passage that occurs once you make a team after tryouts, and a symbol of responsibility to be a good teammate, a respected member of your community, and the epitome of school spirit. Yet, there is more to a uniform than…. well, wearing it! Although a cheer uniform contains enough swagger all by itself, there are cheer several essentials that need to be included with them to round out the whole package. Imagine a cheerleader without any accessories–what a sight for sore eyes! In fact, there are four downright necessary items that complete a uniform to emanate cheer from head to toe:

1. The shoes.

You can’t be a cheerleader without the signature white shoes! If you’re shopping for new team shoes, there are more than a few things to consider in order to purchase the right shoe to meet your needs. Are you an indoor or an outdoor team, or both? Does your team have a lot of tumblers and flyers? There is a shoe to match not only where you cheer, but also what you do when you are cheering. Really scientific stuff!

2. The bodyliner.

You’ve got one or two uniforms for an entire season, so how do you switch up your look without investing in all new cheer gear? Enter the bodyliner. Bodyliners go under a shell top, and can come in solid, matching, or metallic colors as well as turtleneck or V-neck styles. Thus, one uniform can seem different at every cheer event just by investing in inexpensive body basics. Also, if you’re a winter competitive or an outdoor sideline team, longsleeve bodyliners will keep you warm when temperatures drop!

3. The poms.

You can only rely on spirit fingers so much before you run out of routine material. That means springing for team poms is inevitable–so might as well do it sooner than later! Poms come in all styles and colors with a wet, metallic, or plastic look, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing them with your uniform. Poms are definitely a staple of cheering, so get your crowd pumped with them in hand as you rock that new uniform.

4. The jumbo bow.

Top the whole ensemble off right with a jumbo performance hair bow, and don’t just stop at one: the more you have, the more unique looks your uniform has! Get one with sequins, with funky patterns, or with a fun cheer saying on it. Or just stick to the classic glitter look, because every cheerleader needs a little (or a lot) of glitter!

Do you think there are more cheer essentials that complete a cheer uniform that didn’t make our list? Tell us about or share a photo of your fave cheer item in the comments!