We all have our own guilty pleasures, whether they are semi-obnoxious yet oh-so-nostalgic songs from our childhood, or just silly small things that make us smile. Sometimes, you just have to sit back and enjoy your life, and summertime is the perfect excuse to do so! The days are long, the sun is shining, and there is something in the air that adds adventure to even the most mundane of summer days. Plus, you’re out of school! Every time summer rolls around, however, you might engage in some guilty pleasures in between the normal summer must-dos without even realizing it–that’s how necessary they are! In fact, there are four summertime guilty pleasures that are completely and utterly unavoidable.

1. Taking a day that’s straight out of a pop song.
Whatever your style–be that Drake, or Bieber, or Gwen, or Iggy–there are some pop songs that are forever engraved in your heart, making up your ultimate summer playlist. And, after listening to them all school year long, you've got plenty of prime ideas on how to conquer summer. It's your time to be ridin’ with the top down, cruisin’ the boulevard with your friends, and layin’ poolside in designer shades! At least once this summer, you’re going to be absolutely fabulous by day and make the most of the night like you’re going to die young. Yep, Ke$ha styley.

2. Window shopping.
All right, very few people are privileged enough to shop ‘til they drop–and kudos to those guys! But, if you’re not part of the 1% of people that make up the shopping elite, then you’re bound to window shop more than a few times this summer. Because, let’s face it, the mall is the place to be! Who cares if you can’t afford it? That’s not the point! Looking is fulfilling enough… and, maybe trying stuff on… a few times…  you can come back for that shirt later.

3. Running, jumping, cannonballing.
At one point this summer, at one pool/lake/river, you will, in fact, do a cannonball. And, when it happens, it will almost seem like an involuntary response. It just must be done! Now, everyone knows that running around a pool is never the smartest thing to do, so keep in mind how to do a safe running start when the time comes. And don’t worry about people judging you for doing so; the only person judging is the person on the sidelines that deals with the aftermath. Hey, it’s their fault for trying to tan in the splash zone!

4. People-watching.
Summertime is the perfect time to people-watch because you don’t have to go very far out of your way! Tourists are currently traveling the entire country, which makes it very convenient to sit back and observe as they flow through your hometown. You don’t spy on people, by any means, but you can’t help put your phone away long enough to look around and lurk on a few people on your surrounding city streets. Plus, summer heat brings out the weird in people, so tuning out your electronics for an hour can turn out to be more entertaining than YouTube!

Do you have more summer guilty pleasures that didn’t make the list? We want to know! Tell us what you catch yourself doing every summer in the comments.