4 Reasons to Love Doing a Liberty

by omni

There are many ways to perform a cheerleading stunt, and more unique combinations are being choreographed every day! No matter which way you flip and twirl into one, what matters is that you make it HIT. With routine cohesiveness in mind, your coach could sprinkle stunts anywhere in the rundown, but stunts are known to follow before or after any dance portion. Now that you’ve gotten your crowd pumped, let’s get their jaws to drop! Everyone assembles to their stunt group spots, and it’s time to shine! No matter if you’re a backspot or a flyer, liberties are perfect for any performances for several reasons. 1. Liberties promote unity. What would the United States be without Lady Liberty? Just like the iconic statue is a symbol of America, a liberty is the same for your team: you can’t pull off a liberty with just one team member alone. Backspots have to lift with all their power, flyers have to hit with sharp motions, and if there are several stunt groups doing liberties in tandem or in unison, everyone has to have perfect timing. And, cheer teams are all about teamwork, so there’s an added bonus for bringing your stunt group together to pull of a liberty. All for one and one for all! 2. Liberties give your flyer the spotlight. With arms stretched up into a V, your flyer is the center of attention during the duration of the liberty. Soaring to great heights, liberties are a classic way to make any routine POP, especially following or accompanying a dance portion or tumbling combinations. During stunts, your flyer normally gets all the attention, but with liberties, the audience really gets dazzled by a flyer’s elegance and charisma. 3. Liberties require advanced balance. Standing on one leg isn’t easy; now, try to stand on one leg, on several people’s hands, while smiling, and possibly holding cheer items like signs or megaphones. It isn’t for the beginning cheerleader! Flyers really have to dedicate time to zone in on their balancing skills, not to mention the amount of leg and core strength it takes to hold it without crumbling to the floor. That does not just happen overnight! If you can nail a liberty, you show your audience just how far you’ve come as a cheerleader. 4. Liberties are classic. There are a lot of new stunts out there, but liberties are definitely an oldie, but goodie! Liberties are a piece of cheerleading history, and they aren’t going anywhere soon. It actually was the first stunt ever to be done in cheerleading in 1976 at cheer camps around the United States! Without stunts, cheer routines would be stale, but luckily, stunts have evolved from a liberty to all sorts of fun ways to capture the crowd’s attention. And, it all started from a liberty‚ can you imagine that? What are other reasons you love doing liberties? What’s your favorite stunt? Let us know in the comments!

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