3 Ways Your Cheer Squad Can Raise School Spirit

by omni

A cheerleader’s main job is to keep school spirit high, and you are probably familiar with your role at football games, basketball games, Homecoming, and pep rallies. That’s great, but there is even more you can do to keep school spirit skyrocketing. Here are three ways to thrive in your role as a spirit leader: Support other teams. You don’t cheer on the sidelines of sports like soccer, volleyball, track, and baseball, but they are still major sports at your school. Find small ways you can support these teams, like decorating their lockers before a big game, making a sign or banner to put up in the school cafeteria, or even teaming up with them for a fundraiser that supports both your teams! Participate in school events. Having a presence at school events will be good for your team and school because you will get more support for your team and your being there will make the event more fun for everyone! So go all-out for school events. Run a booth at the school’s fall carnival, bake cookies to contribute to a school bake sale, decorate the school for the winter holidays, etc. Get involved any way you can! Participate in community events. Getting community support for your school is a great way to raise school spirit. You can do this in similar ways you would for your school, like running a booth at a festival or fair, or you can do new things, like make a float for a local parade, organize a park cleanup, or help out a nonprofit. How does your squad fulfill its role as a school spirit leader?

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