3 Ways to Stay Positive During Tough Times

by omni

You want to have a positive year, but you are bound to face negative situations. That’s just life. The good news is you don’t have to let an outside situation get to you. By staying positive during tough times, you can lead your squad through struggles and ensure a positive year for everyone. Here are three ways to do it: Look for solutions. Being positive doesn’t mean being fake. It’s OK to admit that a situation is not ideal. Being positive means you don’t just shut down in the midst of obstacles. You don’t ignore the problem or pretend it’s not happening. You acknowledge it and face it head on. A positive person shares ideas for how to overcome obstacles‚ or is at least willing to brainstorm and come up with something instead of giving up and feeling sorry for yourself. (Source: tumblr.com) Control what you can. You can’t help it if your coach quits mid-season or if the scores don’t go your way in a big competition, but you can control how you react to these things. Make the best of whatever happens. Sure, it’s not ideal, but you can keep a positive outlook in the midst of leadership changes and use a loss to motivate you to work even harder. Your behavior is one of the few things you can control, and the way you do so during difficult times says a lot about you. This is a good chance to shine as a role model and lead your team by example. (Source: tumblr.com) Be willing to work. You will most likely face hard practices and difficulty learning stunts and routines this year. Don’t expect things to be easy. If you come into situations with the mindset that you are here to work, you won’t be thrown off mentally or emotionally when a lot of work is required. (Source: giphy.com) How do you maintain a positive outlook during tough times?

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