You're all about the team and being united, but you are still your own person with individual style. It would be nice to get to display that at cheer competitionsand you can! You have matching  uniforms and accessories, but you can still  let your own personality shine through. Here's a few ideas:

  • Mix up your makeup. As long as you're using the same colors, you and your teammates can apply the makeup differently. For example, if your colors are red and silver, you can do half your eyelid red and the other half silver, using glitter. Glitterbug® Cosmetics has some great ideaswith tutorialson its website.

Pink and Silver

  • Paint your nails. Just like with makeup, you can use your team colors on your nails in different ways. Do red polish with a silver sparkle over it, or alternate red and silver polish on your fingers (using whatever your team colors are). Just make sure to run it by your coach first!

How do you add personal style to your competition look?

UPDATE:  Hey, readers! We heard a lot of feedback  on this article from readers letting us know that their competitions or teams usually have the look of  their hair and makeup regulated by the event or by their coach. We hear you, and we realize that this is the case for many events. However, as cheer is not considered an official sport, each competition and team will have their own rules, and some do  allow individual hair styles, make up and nail polish. As always, cheerleading coaches  should check the rules of each event they are  participating  in,  and make style choices that are within the rules.  
We'll be sure to clarify these differences in future articles. Thanks for all the great feedback!