Cheer practice wear isn't the most well-known piece of cheer gear. It usually takes a back seat to pom poms and uniforms, but you spend most of your time practicing, so what you wear to practice is important! We love cheer uniforms, but they shouldn't get all the fun! Show your cheer outfits some love by getting team customization or decorating them yourself! You can personalize your practice wear for a united team look, a spirit booster, or a fun bonding activity. Plus, having team practice wear is perfect for team events you may not want to wear your uniforms for, like fundraisers, pep rallies, community and school events, and game days at school. Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Add some team spirit! Make team cheer clothes by adding your school or team name, logo, initials, or mascot - or any combination of those things - to a t-shirt, tank top, sports bra, or shorts. Then wear them to practice and cheer events to proudly show your team spirit!


Get the look: You can get your practice wear customized with your team name or mascot at many cheer apparel companies.

  1. Add a cheer  saying. Cheerleading has so many fun, inspiring, and motivating quotes that generate a lot of pride and spirit. Adding one of these to your team practice wear can really keep spirits up and let the world know you're proud of your team and proud to be a cheerleader!


Get the look: You can simply find and buy a cheer shirt with a saying or design you like on it, but you can make it even more personalized by finding a cheer company that offers more than just team name customization. Some companies have cute sayings you can get in addition to  your team name or letters. Just scan the customization designs the company offers to see if they have what you're looking for.

  1. Get crafty!  This do-it-yourself  personalization option doubles as a fun team-bonding event. Get together with your team or a couple friends, take a t-shirt, tank top, pair of shorts, socks, or anything else you want to customize and decorate it with fabric paint, markers, and glitter. You can decorate your clothing with anything you want - nicknames are always fun, as are  team mottos, or simply your team name or mascot with a logo! Use glitter and different colors for extra spirit!

supplieslayered tank

Get the look: Get a plain article of clothing in the color of your choice, then buy the decorating supplies at your local craft store. You can get markers, paint, glitter, patches, sequins, rhinestone, and anything else you can think of!

For more ideas and different customization methods for your fabric type, check out Fun Ways to Personalize Your Practice Wear.

How does your squad personalize clothing? What cheer events do you wear your team clothing at?