Everyone is familiar with "summeritis," where you get antsy sitting in class waiting for summer break, but "winteritis" is very real, too. The upcoming break from school is not as long in the winter, but the added anticipation of the holidays can make it hard to stay focused on school and finish the semester strong. But you can't let yourself slip right now when you've already put in so much hard work! These three tips will help you finish the semester strong:

  1. Stick to your routine. As much as possible, continue with your usual habits. This time of year, there are holiday parties and shopping and other activities that compete for your time. Do these fun things, of course, but don't let them take the place of your homework, study, or sleep time. If you normally come home from practice and then do your homework right away, try to finish your homework before you head out with friends for holiday activities.

  2. Utilize school activities. You probably have holiday parties and other fun activities going on in some of your classes at school. Let these little breaks refresh you, not derail you! Take a break and enjoy yourself. This will give your mind a much-needed break as you push through the last few days of school this year. If you just mentally check out after these parties instead of using them as a quick breather, you won't be able to finish your last few tasks for the year.

  3. Prioritize your health. The last thing you want or need this time of year is to get sick. This is the time of the year that it's the hardest to stay well though. Colds and flus are going around, you're already worn out from the busy competition season and the end of the school year, and on top of that you've probably been eating more sweets than normal. In order to keep your defenses up and fend off winter ailments, make sure you make health a priority! Get enough sleep, drink lots of water, and make sure you are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in addition to those holiday treats. Staying healthy will help keep you alert and focused in school.

Are you suffering from "winteritis?" What are your tips for finishing the semester strong?

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