You cheer side-by-side every week on the same team, but have you ever considered that your teammates might be the ones that you need to cheer on from time to time? It’s all part of a day’s work to be a peppy cheerleader, so you probably assume that your teammates will keep their attitude in check and leave their problems at the door–and hopefully they do! Nobody likes a moody cheerleader, so if you notice someone on your team quickly slipping down a pity spiral, it’s best to catch it before your coach does! But, like you, your teammates know what’s expected of them, and nobody masks their true feelings better than a cheerleader for the sake of performing well. Everyone has their bad days as well as their fair share of problems, so you might not even realize when one of your teammates needs some love. And, even if nothing is wrong, it’s always nice to be reminded that you’re valued! When you feel that your team or one of your teammates needs a morale booster, there are ways to cheer them on as much as you do for the football team!

1. Get invested. Sure, you cheer together and they are people you talk to every day about cheer stuff, but have you ever reached out to them on a personal level? You probably have a handful of close cheer friends (and, of course, your cheer bestie attached to your hip), but what about your teammates that you don’t normally talk to. Even if you guys don’t ‘click’ like you do with other people on the team, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference when they might need it. Ask them simple things, like how their day is going or what their interests are, and you will probably be surprised to find out things about them that are hidden beneath the surface. Whatever their interests may be, don’t discount them–encourage them! If they love video games or something that you don’t know all too well, ask what new game they’re playing and their progress a week or two later. If you open up to these kind of conversations, you might just find out that you like things you didn’t know you did before!

2. Follow up. In life, it’s always best to do what you say you’re going to do; a person’s word is truly all that they have. So, once you find out your teammates’ interests, follow up on them by attending special events or tournaments they might be in. If your time is stretched pretty thin, then let your teammates know that you listened by telling them “good luck” on the day of those events!

3. Acknowledge their progress. No matter what level you are on a cheer team, there’s always room for improvement. Even if one of your teammates is better than you in certain areas, let them know how much they kill it! Or, perhaps there is someone new to the team that you haven’t gotten to know too well yet: tell them how well they are doing as they progress in the sport! A compliment is a small thing that goes a long way, so there’s no harm in upping the amount of them in your daily routine.

How else can cheerleaders cheer on their teammates? What have you done to reach out to members on your team? Let us know in the comments!