Cheerleaders are known to deal with rivalries, but no one ever prompted you on how to deal with sibling rivalries! Just like your teammates, your siblings can get on your nerves, test your limits, and just plain drive you crazy from time to time–even on a daily basis! But, just like your cheer team, you eventually put your differences aside for the greater good of the team because family is forever, after all. Whether you’re the baby of the family, the middle child, or the oldest leading the way, there are ways for you to support your brothers and sisters without butting too much into their lives. Cheerleaders know how to turn any frown upside down, and your siblings sometimes need that pep and energy to motivate them, too! Here are three simple ways to cheer on your siblings when they really need it.

1. Celebrate with them. As a cheerleader, there are many milestones that you hit over the years: competition wins, home game wins, Homecoming crowns, community service acknowledgements, and even college scholarships could come your way! For your siblings, however, they might not be so decorated in the accomplishment department. They might actually begin to feel under-accomplished in comparison to everything that you have going for you, which could be discouraging! So, if an achievement comes their way, don’t brush it under the rug–celebrate! Make it known that you are proud of them, even if it's something you don’t understand or aren’t into personally.

2. Be accessible. Cheerleaders are prone to leading busy lives, and if you’re not careful, you can quickly become a little self-involved since you don’t have time to THINK, let alone think about what others are doing. When you’re wrapped up in such a tight schedule, the first people to stop getting your time are the people closest to you. Because you know your family isn’t going anywhere, you assume that you can always catch up with them later… like over holidays, or during that small window of summer break in between cheer seasons. But even though you are stretched too thin, your siblings might need some attention before your "breaks." Once you feel your season ramping up, tell your siblings that even if you seem like you’re overloaded with activities and school, you will never be too busy for them. Be open if your siblings turn to you for comfort or advice, because there are some things they share with you versus your parents. Whether you believe it or not, you were born closer to them than anyone else on this planet, so cherish that connection and be accessible.

3. Promote a positive attitude at home. You’re a cheerleader who smiles all throughout the day, everywhere you go, because your smile is part of the uniform! Why would that smile disappear once you walk through the front door of your house? By taking the positivity that you promote in your school, on the mat, and in your community into your family life, your siblings will follow suit. Work together with chores and during family outings; communicate openly about things; end every day getting along and start every morning by sharing the bathroom or making breakfast for mom and dad. The bottom line is that smiling is contagious, so turn away any negativity in your household by leading the way. Who knows? Your parents might even reward you children more for being so good!

What are other ways you can cheer on your siblings? Share your sibling stories with us in the comments!