3 Cheer Mom Mixer Ideas to Help Break the Ice

by omni

Sometimes, it’s hard to step outside of your shell. Your kids are your life, and you already have your own core group of friends that you see occasionally in between your daily mom duties. With any team sport, parents have to work together in order to ensure athletes arrive on time, are taken care of, and most importantly, have fun doing the sport they signed up for. Cheerleading is even more burdening when it comes to the parent’s role: between the performances, the fundraisers, the practices, the clinics, the travel time, and the costs, cheer parents get put through the ringer a little more than the average team parent. And, cheer moms are a special kind of sport mom‚ to say the least! Fueled with an undeniable, undying devotion to cheerleading, cheer moms are in it to win it. So, what happens when your child joins a new team, or just made a cheer team for the first time? Other cheer moms might seem a little intimidating when you’re a newbie to the roster. Although intense, team moms mean well, there are ways to break through their fierce exterior. Whether you’re brand new to the team, or a returning parent trying to welcome newcomers, here are three mom mixer ideas to get to know your fellow “teammates’. 1. Wine night. Let’s face it‚ every woman loves wine night. Offer to host a wine and cheese night at your house, or propose a wine and paint excursion at a local venue! If you aren’t a big drinker, then offer artisan non-alcoholic options as substitutes, like a blackberry spritzer with real blackberries or homemade strawberry lemonade! Choose to incorporate something social, even if it’s at the house, like watching an award show or playing a game. 2. Poker night. And along those lines, why not have a full-fledged poker night? Poker nights are traditionally seen as a “guy thing’ to do, so invite other cheer moms to challenge the gender norms by dressing casually, leave the kids and significant other at home, bet a little, and even bust out the cigars! You don’t even have to wager actual money: ante up with team duties, old cheer gear your cheerleader doesn’t use anymore, or chaperoning future team events. The more creative spin you put on an oldie, but goodie activity will get guests interested in attending and have a great time while they are there. 3. Sunday brunch. Whenever the weekend roles around, there’s a moment in the back of your mind that whispers, “This is it. This Sunday is finally going to be the Sunday you put everything on the back-burner for an adult brunch. In public. With other adults. At a restaurant. Just for an hour. ” And, by Saturday night, you’re thinking, “Tomorrow is wake up the kids. Go to church. Go back home and change. Drop one off at soccer. The other one goes with me to Target‚ ” Before you know it, your whole next day is planned before you go to sleep the night before and, guess what? There’s no brunch involved. Well, that happens to EVERY mom‚ including all the ones on the cheer team. So, be everyone’s hero by putting it on the official cheer calendar! It’s easier said than done, but you owe it to yourself for doing so much, 24/7. The other cheer moms will thank you! What are other mixer ideas for cheer moms? Share how you bonded with other team parents in the comments!

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