There is no guarantee that a fundraiser, once initiated, will be successful for any team–there are just too many independent variables to anticipate! However, there are certain places for fundraisers that fare better than others. Spring is a great time to start fundraising for many things in cheerleading: next season, cheer gear, camp, and travel accommodations for those last lingering competitions on the calendar. If you are thinking about kicking off a fundraising campaign for your squad, be prepared to do the legwork required to render results. It doesn’t just happen without the proper planning! Once you have a in campaign in mind, the time to see it through, and the right motive to get your community excited to participate, think about holding your team fundraiser at these prime places:

1. At school, during school hours.
You’re probably wondering, “now how will that happen?” Easy! Promote your fundraiser in morning announcements at your school and sell your fundraiser items at a location that anyone can access on-campus throughout the day, like in the administration office. If you talk with and get permission from a school administrator ahead of time, they will probably be more than happy to help you sell promotional items for a couple weeks. Some ideas include carnations for $1.00, for one student to send to another, and have students reserve theirs for a couple weeks before a set distribution day. Another idea is a snack bar with homemade goodies to offset the same ‘ol cafeteria food. Since students and school athletes already love their cheerleaders, it won’t be hard to get them rallied for a cause!

2. Online.
News flash: everything is digital nowadays, and everyone is connected to some kind of device at all times. That means start using social media to your advantage! Crowdfunding, since its creation, has proven to be one of the most effective ways to raise money for a cause. And the greatest thing is, you no longer have to rely on only the members within your immediate community! With an online campaign, it can bounce around the internet when shared on social media, so that your friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends get notified about your fundraiser. All those thousands of people now have a chance to donate, even if they’ve never even heard of your school. Most crowdfunding sites don’t even take a cut of your earnings either; you just have to reach a set goal amount that you create at the start of your campaign. Get ready to create that profile, because fundraising could not be easier!

3. At prom.
Say what?!?! Yes, during prom night. Granted, if you’re a coach or parent trying to set up a fundraiser at prom, you already know your senior cheerleaders will not be helping out for this one. However, you’ve already had tryouts, and now have a whole squad of freshmen to help out while the older cheerleaders can have their fun. If you set up a donation-based refreshment table or maybe even a photo booth at prom, you will not only get some major revenue (cough, it’s parents-giving-their-seniors-money night), but also have your younger cheerleaders excited to get a special sneak peek of prom by participating. It’s a guaranteed win-win, and a fun time for everyone. Go ahead, and do a fundraiser victory dance–everybody else is dancing!

Do you know of other good places for fundraisers? Have you had success trying your fundraiser at these places? Tell us your stories in the comments!