Whether you're prepping for a big cheer competition performance or a home basketball game half-time show, you always want to perform your best and nail the routine perfectly. No matter how hard your squad has practiced, we can all use a little luck.

In the spirit of 2013, we're sharing 13 ways you and your squad can have a cheer year of good fortune.

1) Wear red. In China, red is the color of good luck and happiness. Add a little bit of red to your uniform, even if it's just part of your cute cheer socks!

2) Create a signature breakfast. Before games, many athletes start the day off with a ritual of eating the same thing for breakfast, whether it's just a bowl of oatmeal or a full-blown spread of eggs, bacon, and toast. Create your own perfect breakfast (but make sure it's healthy and nutritious!) and enjoy it every morning before a performance. Sticking to a specific meal will also help ensure that you won't end up with a sour stomach!

3) Look out for a ladybug. Lady bugs are considered a good luck charm, but only if one lands on you. Just remember, killing a ladybug is supposed to bring you bad luck.

4) Keep a charm on hand. Even if it's not actually lucky, carrying a good luck charm can help you relax before a big performance. If you want to go the traditional route, choose a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, or penny. Or, use something that is personal and has a sentimental meaning for you.

5) Burn those negative thoughts. A good luck tradition in Mexico is to write a list of all the bad things that happened during the year and then toss the list into a fire. This was supposed to get rid of the negative feelings. Recreate a variation of this tradition: write a list of all your greatest cheer fears (falling down, dropping a flyer, forgetting a move, etc.). Then rip it up and throw it away! It can help you address your fears and release the accompanying negative thoughts.

6) Exchange gifts. In many cultures, it is believed that exchanging gifts will bring good luck. Try it with your squad! Before a big competition or home game, have each member exchange a small gift (it could be something as small as a keychain or nice note!). Even if it doesn't necessarily bring good luck, it certainly promotes team building and spirit.

7) Eat black eyed peas. The food; not the band! In the South, eating black eyed peas is supposed to bring good luck. Incorporate them into your dinner or lunch before a game or competition.

8) Wear something lucky. Whether it's your favorite pair of briefs, toe nail polish, or hair bow, wear your special something during every performance.

9) Make a wish box. A Chinese good luck ritual is to create a wish box. Using a small box that has a mirror on the inside of the lid (you can reuse an old jewelry box), write down a wish on a piece of paper and place it inside the box. Your squad could even create a wish box for the locker room, with the wish to have a great season!

10) Feng shui. Cleaning and/or rearranging your personal space is often thought to bring good luck. By tidying up your bedroom, practice space or gym locker, you can get rid of last year's debris and start fresh. Out with the old, and in with the new, including positive energy and a clean space!

11) Relax (or jam out!) to some music. Listening to a song before a game or performance is a great ritual for your whole squad! Listen to your competition mix or just a song that is motivational. You may want something that relaxes and calms you, or it may be better to rock out to an energetic song that pumps you up.

12) Give back. They always say that what comes around, goes around and we believe it's true. Volunteer and give back to your community and the good vibes you generate will come right back your way! Hold a bake sale and donate the proceeds to the local animal shelter or spend a Saturday at a soup kitchen; do whatever your squad is passionate about.

13) Create your own ritual. Make it personal and have your squad create its own good luck ritual to perform before games and competitions. Not only will the ritual be extra special, it makes for a great spirit-building activity. You can write a short poem to recite together, make a good luck cheer charm, or choreograph some dance moves; the options are endless. Whatever you do, make it fun and good luck is sure to come your way!
Do you have any good luck charms or rituals? What about your squad? How do you make sure you have the best performance?