It's November, which means it's the month of thanks. The year is coming to an end and a lot has happened this year. As Thanksgiving approaches, we wanted to look back on the best things of 2013, whether they happened back in January or won't be happening until December.

Here are just 13 things we're thankful for this year:

  1. New cheer uniforms. Cheer uniforms seem to get better and better every year. We love seeing the new designs and styles popping up and seeing them in action on the sidelines and at competitions.

  2. Sarah Cronk and The Sparkle Effect. While The Sparkle Effect has been around for a few years, this year, its founder Sarah Cronk was awarded a World of Children Award, a highly respected award that is considered the "Nobel prize for Child Advocates."

  3. CheerLiving. We can't help it. We had to include our new magazine and show of the same name. We are so thankful that we were able to launch these two projects this year and we're also thankful for the positive feedback we've received from you!

  4. The Hunger Games. The second Hunger Games movie comes out soon and we can't wait to see it!

  5. Elle Smith and Maddie Gardner as Chassé® Athletes. We love seeing cheerleaders Elle Smith and Maddie Gardner representing Chassé. They show that you can cheer hard and look great without breaking your budget.

  6. Do-Gooder Cheerleaders and Squads. This year, we've seen an enormous number of stories about cheerleaders getting involved in their community. They help show how amazing cheerleaders are!

  7. NFL Cheerleaders. While sometimes controversial, we're thankful for NFL cheerleaders because they often inspire young girls and aspiring cheerleaders. Many teams hold clinics and get involved with non-profits. They really help publicize how well-rounded and wonderful cheerleaders are.

  8. Cheerleaders Breaking World Records. High school cheerleader Marie Klein made the news when she broke a Guinness World Record for most number of back handsprings in a row. We're thankful for stories like this one because they help show the world how athletic cheerleading is, helping reaffirm our believe that cheer is a sport.

  9. Doctors Supporting Cheer. This year, we saw a large increase in doctors and medical professionals speaking out about the dangers and physicality of cheerleading. Their desire to recognize cheerleading as a sport may help pave the road for the NCAA to finally agree on cheer's status!

  10. Web Shows. We love web shows because they allow a larger audience to view them from anywhere in the world. This lets cheerleaders everywhere learn about the latest cheer news from shows like Cheer Channel's Cheer Mashup and our CheerLiving.

  11. The Approach of a New Year. We can't explain it but there's something wonderful about a new year. You are more willing to set goals and do things (like make your bed every morning) that you don't normally do. Even if your new goals don't last past March, at least you made your bed every day for two weeks in January!

  12. More Cheer Safety Measures. We're so happy to see that more organizations and leaders are taking cheerleading seriously and creating easy ways for coaches to get safety training, like online classes, so anyone anywhere can access them.

  13. You! Last, but certainly not least, we're thankful for you, our amazing readers! We wouldn't be able to do what we do without your constant support. We are always looking for ways to give you the best and latest information and to help you with all your cheer questions. Thanks for being a fan!

What are you thankful for this year?