It's October, which means it's the month of haunted houses, horror films on television, and carved pumpkins. Whether or not fall is your favorite season of the year, most people can't deny the excitement that brews when Halloween is approaching and the increasingly dark weather that haunts the skies.

Here are 13 cheerleading (and non-cheerleading) spooks:

  1. Hocus Pocus. I'm talking about the movie, not the sorcery. I'm really hoping you've all seen the movie or at least heard about it. It's a classic Halloween movie that isn't actually scary. However, what makes it spooky is the talking cat. With "Avatar" and all the other movies of the last few years that have advanced effects, the jerky and weirdly machine-like talking cat is downright spooky. Also, starring as one of the witches, "Hocus Pocus" is Sarah Jessica Parker's greatest role.

  2. Mysterious disappearing cheer bows. You know it's happened to you at least once. You were certain you had 20 bows and now you can only find 19 of them.

  3. Lost cheer gear (in general). Spankies. Hair spray. Bobby pins. Where do they all go? Your briefs were in your room yesterday but now you can't find them. You could have sworn you just bought new hairspray, but it's already almost gone. You know what's going on here: something spooky.

  4. Gyms or locker rooms at night. Hopefully you've never had to stay so late at cheer practice or the gym that you're the last one to leave. If you have, you know how dark, silent, and spooky empty locker rooms and gyms can be.

  5. Any horror film. I'll be the first to admit: I hate scary movies. They don't excite me or make me laugh. I scream like a baby and have nightmares for weeks. Whether it's a film about a mental hospital or a talking doll, I won't watch it. Horror films mysteriously become spookier around this time of year. I may not actually have proof of this, but it sounds legitimate.

  6. Knott's Scary Farm (or any similar scare zone or Haunted House). They're just like scary movies only worse because it's like you're living in them. Haunted Houses and Halloween-themed amusement parks are terrifying. You have no idea when someone will jump out at you, or worse "“ cause you to drop your fresh bag of buttery popcorn you just paid $17 for.

  7. That moment when you're talking about your teacher and then he or she pops up behind you. It's happened to everyone. You're complaining about a test or an assignment and then suddenly that teacher is right next to you asking if you completed the assignment that's due tomorrow.

  8. The bond between sisters, friends, and teammates. Of course the act of being close to someone isn't spooky. But what is (at least a little) spooky is how friends or teammates can practically read the other's mind and finish the other's sentences. It's almost like having a super power!

  9. Advanced tumbling. I'm sure you've all thought about the actual step-by-step motions of advanced tumbling and flying stunts, like aerials, tucks, twists. It's actually almost spooky what cheerleaders and tumblers can do in the air and how high they can jump or fly.

  10. Sharing a birthday with a celebrity. C'mon, admit it. It's cool and spooky to think that you were born exactly when someone else was (especially if that person is Jennifer Lawrence or a "Pretty Little Liars" actress).

  11. Pomegranates. Have you seen the inside of one? They're like alien pods.

  12. The idea that cheerleaders aren't athletes. Why is this spooky? It's spooky to think that someone could watch a cheerleader perform stunts and tumbles and fly through the air and not see that as athletic or talented.

  13. If you said, "yes! Totally!" to any of the above. We don't even know each other but we're thinking the same thing. Spooky!

Can you think of any other cheer or non-cheer spooks?