Not everyone can become a cheerleader in college. Strength, commitment, power, and positive attitude: that’s the recipe for success, but it’s not easy to get all ingredients right. No matter how committed you are to cheerleading and teamwork, there’s another aspect that determines your success in future–the studies. When your team is in the middle of preparations for an extremely important event, the exams seem to get put in the back of your mind. The thought is constantly there, striking you right when you’re on the top of a pyramid.

Cheerleading is great! However, there’s a big disadvantage: when you’re really committed to it, you don’t have enough time to study and write papers. That’s why you need to search for tools that make you a faster and more efficient learner. Don’t worry–we’re always here for you. Try these ten online tools that turn cheerleaders into better students.

1. Course Buffet. Do you need an online course that gives the credits you need? That’s easy to understand. An online course gives you much more space, since you’re not going to miss practice because of the lectures. You can create your own learning schedule, and stay up all night listening to online lectures if that’s necessary. This is a search tool that gives you a huge list of courses you can choose from.

2. iHomework 2. If you don’t organize your time well, all that homework will be impossible to handle. This is a school-organizing tool that will help you keep things under control. Whenever you get a new assignment, note down the deadline. The app will send you notifications that remind you it’s important to start working early. If you follow the hints, you’ll beat procrastination like a boss!

3. Rosetta Stone. It would be a shame to go all the way through college without learning a foreign language. If you have international members on your cheer team, saying a simple “hello” in their language will make them feel welcome. The problem is, you’re not picking up enough knowledge during the lectures. The challenge of learning a language demands full commitment. That’s why you can use Rosetta Stone: it takes only few minutes a day for you to go through a lesson, and solve some tests. If you use the tool on a daily basis, progress will be inevitable.

4. AustralianWritings. Oh, those papers! You stay up all night, and you still don’t manage to write a whole research paper. How do you find more time for such assignments? AustralianWritings is an online educational service that can help you handle any type of academic content. It connects you with professional writers from different categories. You can ask questions, and get tips on proper academic writing. Plus, you can get editing help when you want to boost the quality of the papers you write!

5. Google Knowledge Graph. Google is cool, but it gets kind of boring when you need information for an academic project. You quickly lose track of all of the resources you locate. With Google Knowledge Graph, your search is organized and accurate. Instead of digging through different websites to find many details on your topic, the Knowledge Graph will quickly answer your question, and suggest some online sources for further research. Quick and easy!

6. TED. When it comes to studying, you have only one goal in mind: do it faster, and more efficiently. In reality, you lack motivation to achieve as much as possible. Whenever you’re feeling unmotivated, play a TED talk. It’s not an educational resource per se, but it definitely teaches you a lot about life, and the importance of education in it. Listening to the right motivational talk at the right time will make you understand that time is a valuable resource. When you use it well, the sky is the limit.

7. Evernote. You’re learning a new routine, and you suddenly get an idea for the thesis statement on that paper you’re supposed to write. It happens. Creativity strikes you when you least expect it. You probably have Evernote on your phone. Are you using it effectively? You can do everything with this tool. First of all, you can take notes in the very moment when you get an idea. However, you can also use it for collecting research sources, planning and outlining projects, and collaborating with your classmates at the same time. It’s an invaluable organizational tool that makes you a better student. 

8. Study Guide Zone. You have to take a standardized test? This is the tool you need. It offers free guides and tips for getting ready and improving your score on any standardized test. Don’t forget to check out the Study Resources Directory at the site! Pay special attention to the part that helps you identify your learning style. Once you’re aware of the category of learners you belong to, you’ll make the studying process much faster, and more effective. In other words, you’ll have more time to work on that tricky tumble pass!

9. BetterExplained. Math… it’s a nightmare! You already have a talent for memorizing things; you don’t have a problem memorizing an entire routine. Math formulas, however, are a whole different thing. BetterExplained makes things simple. Kalid, the author of the site, helps you gain intuitive understanding of math. Spend only an hour per week learning math at this website, and you’ll definitely notice an improvement in your skills.

10. GoConqr. Are you a visual learner? A social learner, maybe? If you fall into either of these two categories, then this is the right learning tool for you. With GoConqr, you can create mind maps that break down broad subjects into comprehensive topics. It’s easy to create your own learning resources with this tool, but it gets better: you can also explore the library of flashcards and mind maps, so you’ll save a lot of time! Plus, you can connect with members of the community, and enjoy the social learning experience.

Cheerleading is an unforgettable experience. First and foremost, you’re socializing on a much higher level when compared to the ‘usual’ student. However, having cheerleading in your life also means you’re struggling to meet every single challenge your studies impose. With the special educational tools above, you can make things happen. You’ll become a better student without neglecting your passion for cheerleading.

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About the author:
Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a freelance content writer from Sydney, Australia. She enjoys writing on the topics of education, success, and career developments.You can follow her on Facebook and Google+.